Kevin Kelly

//Kevin Kelly

The Barton Insurance Agency has been an outstanding provider of insurance and financial services to families for over 37 years.  The firm has consistently been recognized as one of the top agencies in the state for sales, service, and customer care. The insurance marketing world is filled with nice words like “relationship”, “family”, and “holistic”, often followed by hollow action and promises. 

Cynthia Barton-Spencer, agency president, and her team  ‘walk the talk’ providing professional advice and products that not only  meet your needs but your wants as well! 

 We all have heard the Golden Rule, “Do onto others as you would have them do onto you.”  Cynthia and her team are guided by better rule doing it differently than most others because “We do onto to others as they want to have done onto them!”  The Barton Insurance Agency gets to know their clients, taking necessary time to listen, and in the end, personalizing the recommendations in a professional plan. They want to insure  ‘what matters most’ to each individual and family.

 I highly recommend Cynthia and her team to anyone seeking a unique, professional, and rewarding insurance experience.”

Kevin Kelly